Clamp on Flow Meter

The EESIFLO Heat Calculator flow meter can supplied either as a portable or permanently clamped on unit. Flow is measured at the outlet of the heat source by non invasive transducers which do not require cutting of the pipe, while temperature measurements (T1/T2) are continually fed into the flow calculator to output the heat flow in KW/HR or BTU.  Flow and energy consumption data can be sent back to the control room using our standard analog output or optional modbus over RS 485.

Choice of Temperature Inputs : Clamp on PT100 temperature sensors can be supplied for applications where no permanent temperature sensors are available.The Heat Meter is available for use on all industrial pipe sizes and is suitable for both heat and cooling applications.  The system does not require users to cut open existing pipes which is often convenient for larger systems since operators do not need to factor in project costs involved in preparing the site location for intrusive measurements. With increased energy costs and a further need to optimize energy flow, the Sonalok 7SZ and Portalok 7SZ are excellent tools in the hands of operators working in the areas of district heating, chiller maintenance and building energy performance

Ordering is easy. Simply contact your nearest EESIFLO representative to discuss your temporary or fixed type solution along with the pipe sizes,  fluid type, temperature sensor options and outputs required.

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