Custody Transfer Crude Oil Sampling Systems

Over the past two decades our organization has supplied numerous liquid sampling systems for international clients.

Sampling systems for fiscal measurement can be designed and fabricated by EESIFLO to meet standards such as API 8.2 and ISO 3171. One of the very important aspects of taking a pipeline sample is the ability to create a homogeneous mixture of crude oil and water that can be picked up and pumped into crude oil containers for laboratory analysis.

Our clients benefit from EESIFLO sampling systems because we are already manufacturing the bulk items needed to make up a complete system. This shortens manufacturing lead times and allows us to produce more economical systems for major oil and gas companies. Our project engineers are familiar with the paperwork and certification requirements at each stage and factory acceptance tests at our facilities can be arranged at a reasonable cost either for the client’s direct access or third party testing.

MIXING - A key element

EESIFLO manufactures static mixers and hybrid pump mixing systems to comply with international standards for crude oil sampling.
Image on left: EESIFLO bypass sampling loop system.


Other elements that could make up an EESIFLO sampling system are:

  • Grab Sampling Pump
  • Static Mixer/Pump Mixers
  • Sampler Pacer/ optional PLC
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet and Controls
  • Flow meter for proportional to Flow.
  • Online Densitometer
  • Sample Receivers - Level Transmitters
  • API Oil Centrifuge
  • Watercut Meter
  • Online Salt in Crude Analyzer
  • Online H2S in Crude Analyzer

Since different areas of the world have slightly (and sometimes very different) technical requirements, it is crucial that the sampling system provider is flexible enough, not only to meet the specifications but also to provide back up and training on site or at our factory.