Research and Development


Research and Development

EESIFLO is a privately owned company with its own R&D capabilities. We have expanded our services to include not only developments of our own products but also assistance to other companies. Since 2012, our research and development team now offering the following services to clients.

  1. Design Engineering for measurement instrumentation products with decades of experience laser, radar, ultrasonic, capacitance techniques among many others. Short term or long term projects to either design completely new products from scratch, improve existing technologies or continued developments. Our team is multi-disciplined in areas of physics, electronics and source code programming.

  2. Evaluation research –  (PhD level) To determine whether or not a technology is viable. This includes investigations into existing designs to ascertain their marketability. Evaluation of patented technology and other intellectual property that is up for sale i.e.  find out if something is worth the bother before you spend money on it.

  3. Sensor design, electronic PCB design and consultancy. Pre-EMC compliance testing and design of products for hazardous area usage e.g. Intrinsically safe/Ex rated instrumentation.


If you are looking for a measurement solution which you would like us to make for you, then why not get in touch with the manager of our senior R&D personnel who have a track record of successfully completion of an array of products that are being successfully marketed and sold through well known companies. We have the capabilities to  build a product for you which will belong to you.  As always - all enquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

for more information on how EESIFLO R&D can serve you best.