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EESIFLO manufactures a state of the art  water in oil sensor which is being used all over the world in marine systems, engines, purifiers, oil separators, power plants, metering stations, refineries and pipelines from simple moisture in oil measurements using our standard sensors to higher measurements of free water in oil in the hydrocarbon industry.  EESIFLO®  is a leader in the field of research and development of devices using dielectric principles to improve online oil quality measurements with a focus on the detection and accurate measurement of water in hydrocarbons.

Other products developed by EESIFLO® are custody transfer crude oil static mixers, crude oil sampling systems and our watercut meter (also known as a bs&w analyser)  which has been installed in hundreds of offshore, refinery, pipeline and tank farm applications around the globe.

EESIFLO designs and manufactures its own unique water in oil monitors, continually developing them to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry, energy markets and marine applications. Our engineering department also designs and fabricates static mixers and complete crude oil sampling system packages to meet international standards.  We are a privately owned company with direct offices and representatives around the globe. For almost 30 years, the EES Group has been providing solutions for a growing energy market.


EESIFLO® is also well known as a manufacture of its own clamp on ultrasonic flow meter which is available in portable, fixed type and explosion proof models which have been installed in almost every type of industry that requires non-intrusive flow measurements for the past decade. We have an impressive track record globally and are known as a company that does not fail on site installations. The flowmeters come with a host of options that allow users to purchase or rent the meters for standard applications, small pipe, large pipe, and high temperature scenarios.

Our organization is continually investing in research and development so do not hesitate to ask us about products we are developing that are not displayed on this website.